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What are Geriatric Fast Facts?

Geriatric Fast Facts are accessible, concise, and clinically actionable 1-2 page reports on Geriatric topics applicable across medical specialties. Fast Facts are interdisciplinary, spanning the progression of medical education.

Recent Fast Facts

Tips for Communicating with Older Patients - #91

Good communication with older adults and their caregivers is important to delivering high quality care.

Low Health Care Literacy and the Older Patient - #90

Health literacy refers to an individual’s ability to understand his or her health and effectively navigate the health care system.

Guardianship of Adults: Guardian Roles & Responsibilities - #88

Guardianship is the court appointment of legal authority over the person and property of another individual, called the ward. Consultation with an

Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Older Adults - #85

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are increasing among older adults.  These infections may include chlamydia, gonococcal infections, and syphi

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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
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